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When packing up and leaving please follow the procedures as follows:

Please turn off the electricity, gas and water.


Push the isolation switch to its down position (see diagram 1)


Turn the knobs on both calor gas bottles fully clockwise to off positions (see diagram 2)
Diagram 1
Diagram 2


Turn the stopcock fully clockwise to off, then close the hatch (see diagram 3 and 4)

General Check

1. Please leave both fridge and freezer doors ajar. 2. Check all windows are closed
3. Check patio door is locked
4. Leave all internal doors ajar
5. Check all cupboards and draws for any of your     personal belongings. Please don't worry if you     have left anything behind, we shall collect it next     time we go so you will get it back.
Diagram 3
Diagram 4

Locking Up

When you've loaded your car and ready to vacate the static, Leave the key, the card for opening the barrier and this guidance instruction leaflet we gave you on the kitchen table.
To lock the main door use the key in the key-safe situated to the left of the decking gate (see diagram 5). The code is 1950. Once door is locked, return key to the key-safe.
To access the key safe, slide down the plastic weather shield, dial in the code 1950 then press down the black button to the left of the dials. This will give you access to the key. Once key has been used, replace key into key-safe and rotate dials. Pull up weather shield and have a safe journey home.
Diagram 5
Push down Locking Up