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Operating hot water and central heating (Located in cupboard next to microwave):

The hot water does not need turning on. It is automatically set and comes on automatically when you turned the gas, electricity and water on. The temperature is pre-set and does not need to be altered. Just run one of the hot water taps for a few a moments and the water will run hot.
Should you need the central heating on please follow the instructions listed below:
Diagram 1 shows heater control knob in its normal position with the pip on the outer ring set at ‘o’.
Rotate the pip on the outer ring downwards to ‘I’ as shown in diagram 2, this will activate the central heating and the radiators will gradually get hot in all rooms.
To turn the heating off rotate the pip on the outer ring back to the ‘o’ position as shown in diagram 3. This is its normal position and the radiators will eventually cool down.
Diagram 2
Diagram 3
Diagram 4
Diagram 5
There is no need to adjust or turn either of the dials shown in diagrams 4 and 5. These are set at their best and optimum settings for both water and central heating.
Please do not adjust these dial settings.
Central heating  cupboard

Hot Water

Central Heating

Diagram 1
Turning on the heating Heating