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On arrival at the site, drive down entrance road under railway bridge to roundabout. Turn first left at roundabout and continue along drive and take the second left along Puffin Way (there are two Puffin Way signs take the second). click Site Map on top menu to view. You will only need the swipe card when entering the site after 5.00pm. You don't need the swipe card to leave the site but please take it with you if leaving the site just in case. Once you have arrived at the static, park your car either to the rear or side of the static. Please do not park up on the driveways.
Parking to the rear
Parking to the side

Once you have parked up you will need to turn on the gas, water and electricity. click on each item

on the main menu and follow instructions. For turning on the gas, please see below:

Turning on the gas (Bottles positioned at rear of the static):

To turn on the gas, turn the knobs on both gas bottles fully anticlockwise as shown in the photographs. You have no need to do anything further. Should a gas bottle run out, the regulator will automatically change from the empty bottle to the full bottle.