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Turning on the electricity supply (Located in cupboard of small bedroom):

The electricity isolation switch is located in the cupboard of the small bedroom (see diagram 1). Open the flap of the isolation box by pulling firmly towards you (see diagram 2)
Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 3
Diagram 4
Diagram 5
Push up the grey switch firmly until its in the on position (see diagram 3). The switch may seem a little stiff. Once in the on position, close the outer flap. The electricity is now on.

Power switch for refrigerator and microwave.

(Located above head height in the hallway).

Turn on the isolation switch for the refrigerator and microwave (see diagram 4).
Remove the cloths keeping the fridge and freezer doors ajar and close both doors firmly. The instruction book for the microwave is in the cupboard just above the microwave.
Please Note, the main distribution box located outside the static (see diagram 5) should under no circumstances be opened or tampered with. If in the unlikely event of the power going completely off then please contact us on the contact numbers we've given you. To avoid power failure we suggest not to run too many appliancies at the same time ie microwave, Kettle, toaster, air drier etc... ...We have never had any power problems so this is just for guidance.
Turning on the electricity Electricity